How would you like to add an experienced writer to your staff. . . at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay?

You can do just that through my annual retainer service. Imagine having access to a virtually unlimited supply of thoroughly-researched management articles. Here are your benefits:

Story variety: Your magazines will be licensed to publish any or all of my past articles—as well as all new monthly stories—during the life of the agreement. Select from over 220 business articles containing over 440,000 words of deeply researched copy.

In-depth reporting: Unlike other syndicated material, my articles include quotes from multiple sources around the nation.

No byline overload: Include several stories in a single issue of your magazine without duplicating my byline. Use of my byline is never required.

Ease of access: Use your password to preview articles in a restricted area of this web site. Download desired stories to your hard disk. (Alternatively, you may receive the stories by email.) Your annual retainer frees you from tracking individual article usage or payments.

Exclusivity: Your publishing house will enjoy long-term, exclusive rights to my articles in magazines serving your readership for the life of the retainer. This applies even to articles you opt not to run. (To assure exclusivity provide a list of competing publications which should not receive my work.)

Web site use: The stories may be used on your web site as well as in print.

Flexibility: Edit the articles to suit your needs. Use short sections of the stories as fillers or combine sections from different articles. Add comments from people in your industry and eliminate the experts’ quotes if you wish.

Ancillary projects: Use my articles to create advertorials, special reports, newsletters, booklets, and other vehicles for your readers at no charge beyond the retainer.

Experienced coverage: Most important of all, your readers benefit from my 20-plus years of experience researching and writing about business. Each article includes the comments of experts selected from my growing database of over 400 workplace psychologists, employment law attorneys and management consultants across the nation.

All of the above is available for an annual retainer, payable in quarterly installments. If you feel your readers would benefit from this service I will be happy to provide a quote for a single publication or for all titles in your publishing group. Generous discounts are available for clients with multiple magazines.

I am a full time freelance business writer with over 20 years of experience in the fields of workplace psychology, employment law, finance and marketing. My byline has appeared over 3,000 times in business publications. I am a three-time recipient of the “Best article” award from the American Bar Association.

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Please do not hesitate to call or send email if I can help in any way.

Phillip M. Perry
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