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Hack Attack: Protect Your Online Bank Account from Fraud

Business owners use online banking for everything from vendor payments to payroll. The convenience of the Internet, though, carries risk. Banks do not indemnify commercial bank account holders for theft. There’s no recourse when cyber-thieves remove funds through fraudulent wire transfers.

How can your readers protect themselves? The answers are in this article. The story includes a sidebar quiz so readers can test themselves on their current levels of cyber-safety.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Control Your Costs

Employers are grappling with a spike in workers’ compensation premiums after years of a virtually level environment. Increasing accident rates and higher medical costs are contributing to the problem. Business owners can help temper the damage by improving safety programs and educating workers on the shared costs of accidents.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Business owners must protect their reputation and their profits by monitoring customer reviews on social media sites. Effective steps include responding in a productive way to negative and positive reviews, and arranging to receive an alert each time a business is mentioned in an Internet post.

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Web Analytics: Boost Your Sales with Smart Data

Retailers can increase their profits by redesigning their web sites in response to customer feedback. Web analytics programs identify the design elements that lead to “buy” decisions as customers move through a site.

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Employee Benefits: Balancing Cost and Employee Satisfaction

Business owners can attract and retain the best employees by offering good benefits. The most coveted programs, though, can be costly. Human resources experts offer advice on how to cap expenses while keeping employees motivated.

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Leasing Matters

Business owners can often negotiate better terms for their property leases, thanks to the high vacancy rates that are legacies from the recent recession. But the time to act is now, since the economic rebound in many markets has made landlords less anxious to strike deals. In “Leasing Matters” experts on real estate tell how to take a stronger seat at the negotiating table.

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Accentuate the Positive

Negative employees can anger customers and upset co-workers. Turning downbeat players into positive performers, though, can prove a daunting task. In this article, human resource experts from around the country tell how to motivate problem personnel and protect business profits. Sidebars offer specific “how to” steps for four of the most common workplace scenarios.

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Should You Tweet?

Small businesses are turning to social networks to cement customer relationships and spark sales. Twitter is fast becoming the network of choice for its ability to leverage customer needs. How can your readers participate in Twitter? What are the best approaches that help fatten the bottom line? Experts from around the country address those questions in this article.

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